A New Top

During a recent snow storm, our chimney cracked and started breaking at the top. We called a chimney company, and they came to our home that afternoon. The company examined the chimney, and they gave us an estimate of how much it would cost to fix the bricks and stabilize the chimney.
We decided to let the company fix the chimney, and they got started the next day. When the company came to the home, they brought a few extra people with them to help with the work. The top of the chimney was removed, and the extra bricks were thrown in a dumpster that the company brought with them. They were very professional about the work they did. As all of the old bricks were taken down, the crew cleaned up the ground so that there would not be a mess.
When all of the bricks were taken down, the company began to stabilize the chimney so that it would not fall as easily. They used cement and an inner layer of bricks. This was the best idea, and I would not have thought of doing it if I had to fix the chimney.
After all of the work was complete, the company added a small fence to the top of the chimney to keep birds from getting to the fireplace. They were very professional and got the job done in only a few days. The chimney is still standing, and if we have any problems, we will call them back.
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