Basic Court Reporting Courses

People interested in working in the field of law, can find positions available other than those for lawyers. Some of these other positions have their training courses available online. The positions available for court reporter California will often have available will require the candidates to at least possess a certificate of graduation from a reputable training program. This type of program will include a basic course on English and grammar. This course can be taken online through any number of accredited schools which will transfer the credits to other schools of learning.

A court reporter training program will also cover the usage of the machines associated with this position. The dictation machine is used to keep track of what is being said by different people inside a courtroom. In order to learn how to use this machine properly, this part of the course needs to be taken in a classroom setting so the student can obtain hands on experience. Using the dictation machine will also require the student to learn the shorthand or legal abbreviation which are used to type of this machine.

In addition to learning the fundamentals of English and dictation, students enrolled in court reporting courses will also need to learn terminology used in associated with the fields of business, law and medicine. It is important for a reporter to know these terms, words and phrases to fully understand the context in which they are used within a courtroom. Students will usually be given a final exam designed to simulate the actions inside an actual court. More info: court reporter california

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