Fix The YLOD

The current generation of consoles are wonderful devices. Due to their incredibly user-friendly status and the fact that they’re consoles and not meant for complex tasks beyond playing games and a few other functions, they very rarely break in comparison to their computer counterparts. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t experience any problems at all. In actuality, there are some hardware problems that plague both of the major competitors, albeit to different degrees. The Playstation 3 suffers from a problem called the Yellow Light of Death. While it only affects half a percent of all users, it’s still a real problem. Let’s look at the PS3 YLOD and the possible hard drive failure sometimes associated with it.

Hard Disk

The hard disk within the console has been known to cause the Yellow Light of Death (which signifies hardware failure). It sometimes occurs when installing a game or carrying out any other hard disk-intensive operation. The fix is somewhat complex and requires intimate knowledge of both a personal computer and your Playstation 3.

Additionally, you’ll need to own a pen drive and the necessary cables to connect the PS3 hard disk to your computer. These cables usually consist of a SATA 2.5′ to either Firewire or USB. Other SATA alternatives are available.

To resolve this type of problem, you first download the latest system software from Sony’s official knowledge base. This contains the operating system and required software for your console to work. Following this, connect the Playstation 3 drive to the computer and prepare to format. Be aware that this will wipe the drive clean of all information.

Format the hard drive using the quick NTFS format. This is accessible (if on a Windows variant) by right clicking on My Computer and selecting Manage. From here, Disk Management is available. Simply right click on the PS3 disk and select your options from there.

Once complete, reinsert the disk back into the console and start it up. It will ask for your pen drive if the process worked and will proceed to reinstall the operating system. If all is well, then your Playstation 3 should be functioning again. If not, then the problem lies elsewhere.