Considerations For Assisted Living Decisions

It can be a very emotional time when you are choosing to put a loved one into an assisted living facility. For your loved one it represents a loss of independence and a need to rely on others. For you, it’s a time where you question if you are making the correct decision. You wonder if your loved one will be cared for in the assisted living facility the same way that you would care for him or her. The only way you can determine this is by doing some research and visiting the facilities before making a final decision.

Arrange for a tour of the assisted living facility. This can be done both with your loved one that is being checked into the facility as well as on your own. It’s best to do one of each. On your personal visit, you can question the staff and observe how the other residents are being treated by the staff. When you visit with your loved one, find out about the care they will receive. Allow her to ask questions about that care as well as activities that are held at the assisted living facility.

Assisted living facilities should allow plenty of interaction between the resident and their family. Ask about special events such as cookouts and events that encourage family members to attend. Outside of special events, find out about their policies for visitors. Check about the hours that people can visit, as well as any restrictions on the age of those that wish to visit their family members. More info: Assisted Living in MA

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