How To Organize Trade Show Transportation

If you are responsible for organizing your company’s booth at an upcoming trade show, finding affordable and reliable trade show transportation may also be in your job description. Luckily, there are a number of companies that specialize in trade show transportation so, if you need vans, trucks, or even a way to get fragile exhibits to the show, hiring one of these companies is the best thing you can do.

With any kind of trade show transportation, you should make sure you get estimates from any company you contact before you sign a contract for them to do the work. Be specific about the type of transportation you require, including telling them exactly what you will need shipping or driving to the trade show. Make sure you have measured everything beforehand too, as you don’t want to find out later the cost is suddenly much higher because those boxes are two feet larger than you guessed.

Once you have found a company you like, if you are shipping fragile items you will need to get information from them about what your company has to supply in the way of packing and what their company agrees to supply. Don’t just presume the transportation company will pack everything in a way that protects fragile exhibits, as you don’t want to have everything arrive at the trade show smashed.

Finally, be sure to schedule the pick up and delivery in plenty of time. Setting up a booth at a trade show can take longer than you expect, so having reliable trade show transportation that arrives on time is a must. More info: Trade Show Transportation

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