Information On Alzheimer’s Disease

Individuals suffering with Alzheimer’s disease face many hardships. Not only are they affected, but so are their close friends and loved ones. This disease is a type of dementia, and is also the most common type of it. Unfortunately for those who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, there has been no medical treatment that can rid the person of the disease. This disease only continues to get worse the longer the person has it for. Though there are no medications to cure it, there have been some trial medications that slow down the progression of it.

Alzheimer’s disease was named after a German psychiatrist, Alois Alzheimer, who was the first to determine the characteristics of the disease back in 1906.

The generation that is most susceptible to develop Alzheimer’s includes individuals who are at least 65 years of age. Though these are who are most susceptible, it is still possible to begin seeing signs of the disease at a younger age. There have been over 25 million individuals who have been diag More info: Alzheimers San Clemente

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