Mens Thongs And G Strings

Swimwear and underwear for men have come a long way since bermudas and tighty-whities. Men have the desire to show off their physique just as much as women because they are either genetically blessed, or have worked really hard to look good!

Men’s thongs and G-strings are a fashion statement that is bold and highlights the artistic side of the male form. Some people think these styles look too feminine. The truth is, they perform their function as covers very well, provide freedom and comfort for the wearer and beauty, masculinity and allure for the onlooker.

Quality men’s thongs will provide enough material to fully cover, but proudly display, what makes men men. In the back, a square or minimal string cut serves to frame the unique construction of each man. In some cultures, the thong is quite appropriate for casual wear and is a display of confidence and health.

The G-string is meant to give coverage to areas that need it, but that area only. Men who are secure with their physique, or who ju More info: mens thongs and g strings

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