Mobile Homes: Affordable Housing

A mobile home is a prefabricated house that is assembled in a manufacturing facility. The finished unit is then transported to the location where the owner will live. Most mobile homes are built with a travel chassis in order to transport the unit on public roads.

Other units are transported on special trailers designed for mobile homes. While the majority of mobile homes are placed permanently in one location the units do retain the ability to be relocated if necessary. Hidden underneath the mobile home are the tires and trailer hitches for future relocation.

Mobile homes were originally marketed as a less expensive alternative to renting. The mobile home has since become a viable alternative for those who do not want to make substantial payments for a traditional home or cannot afford to do so. The pre-fabrication process reduces the cost of construction. This makes the mobile home much more affordable when compared to the costs of a traditional wood frame house.

Most mobile homes are built in t More info: mobile home Austin

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