Problems With Autism

What is Autism?

Autism is a neurological disorder that primarily affects social behavior, learning abilities and communication. The disorder is characterized by developmental difficulties, isolation and behavior habits. Autism varies in severity, and there is a spectrum that represents the severity/type of autism a child possesses.

Types of Autism

The two most common types of autism are Asperger’s syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder, which is often called PDD. Children with Asperger’s often have many social problems, but their cognitive functions usually still allow them to be placed in classes with ‘normal’ children. In addition, Asperger’s frequently causes children to heavily desire set schedules, and children with the condition sometimes excel at one particular subject.

PDD causes symptoms similar to those of down syndrome. Children with PDD often must be placed in special education classes, and they almost always have major developmental issues. Children with PDD have difficulties reasoning and learning effectively, and they generally cannot interact with other people effectively, either.

How to deal with Autism

Many parents of children with autism constantly try to find ways to help their children fit in with society. Many experts recommend therapy as a solution to help autistic children learn how to interact with others. In addition, parents should keep a close eye on their autistic childrens’ academic progress. There are currently no cures for autism, so parents must simply hold out hope for a cure in the future. The best thing parents can do for autistic children is assist them in their social skills and encourage them to pursue their best talents. More info: autism Los Angeles

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