Scarf Slide Save The Day!

A scarf slide is a great little accessory that many people overlook or forget about. It is a great way to keep your scarf in place as you move about during the day. It will keep you from constantly having to stop and adjust your scarf. If you just want to wear one of your favorite vintage scarves without making a fuss every five minutes, then a scarf slide if just what you need! They come in many different shapes and sizes. Elaborate scarf sliders are made of engraved silver or metal. They are very decorative, but they can look a little too much like a cowgirl for some people. If you want a more classic scarf slider, then pick one that is shaped classically or a simple color. It will blend into the scarf without drawing attention to itself. You can also tie the scarf around the slider so that it is hidden completely. The slider itself does not need to be a huge fashion statement. It is there to help you keep your scarf in place around your neck or head. Also, the slider can help keep a scarf in tact around your wrist. You can wrap is several times and then secure a bow around the slider. This will keep the scarf from getting too loose or tight during the day. There are many advantages to having a scarf slider. In fact, you may want to invest in a couple so that you will always have one on hand. You will never wear a scarf without one again!

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