Technology Behind Energy Efficient Windows

A great and smart way to save money on long term heating and cooling costs is to replace old windows with energy efficient windows. The most important and distinguishing feature of energy efficient windows is a double pane glass. This means that there are multiple layers of glass in the window. The space between the glass panes acts as an insulating barrier similar to fiberglass insulation sheets that are used in walls, ceilings, and floors. However, the spaces between glass panes are pumped with gases such as Argon and Krypton instead of regular air that we breathe.

The thickness of the space between the double panes will determine the overall thermal performance of the energy efficient windows. Thicker spaces mean that there is more of an insulating effect, similar to thicker fiberglass sheets.

Energy efficient windows are also treated with special coatings that provide extra thermal effects. For instance, the exterior surface of the glass is finished with a thin metallic application that reflects h More info: energy efficient windows omaha

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