Treating Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain on a day to day basis, you need to become proactive about your health care. Start working with you doctor to develop a plan to ease the pain. There are many different options for back pain relief and instead of having to live with near constant pain, it is worthwhile to start trying to treat yourself. Keep in mind that not every effective treatment is based on medicine, there are also alternative healing methods that may solve your problems.

Unless there is a clear reason for surgery at your first medical consultation, your doctor will suggest a course of physical therapy before trying something more extreme. A physical therapist will help you strengthen the leg muscles and the muscles around the back to help support the spine. Trying massage therapy at the same time will help make your back feel better and loosen the muscles that you are trying to exercise. For pain relief a doctor may recommend pain medicine. These medicines can be very helpful to take the edge off. If you are concerned about the side effects of the pills, consider acupuncture for alternative pain relief. See a chiropractor for spine treatments. Although not a medical doctor, a chiropractor has many techniques to relieve back pain and even correct issues that are causing them. As a very last alternative, meet with an experienced back surgeon to discuss your surgical options. Surgery can be very painful with a long recovery period and it is not advised if there are other options available. More info: back surgeon nj

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