What Is Executive Leadership Development?

Executive leadership development normally refers to organizations or individuals that improve leadership skills. Basically, leadership programs prepare people for professional growth. You may want to become a better salesperson or you may be trying to become a manager. These programs are designed by business schools, companies, and individuals.

Business schools teach students how to succeed in the business world. They do this by teaching them various learning techniques. For example, students are taught how to close business deals that may earn them a six figure income. In the executive leadership development program, the senior business major will sometimes learn a sales call technique. The student is trained how to make 100s of phone calls until he closes the deal.

On the other hand, companies train employees on how to move up within an organization. There are hundreds of companies that teach personal development and executive leadership skills. In fact, businesses spend millions of dollars every year training their employees. Executive leadership programs can add value to an organization. Employees are taught how to handle workplace conflicts and how to deal with unhappy customers. As they learn and master these skills, they become top executives.

There are many successful professional business people that teach executive leadership development to anyone that will listen. Most of them reach their audience by writing books, conducting seminars, or by giving speeches. Some of these programs are very expensive. Key executives go on retreats to learn what is going on in the business world. Finally, the executive leaders participate in these programs to find ways to create and serve customers. This is what executive leadership development is all about.

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